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We all know the benefits of live web chat. When used properly, it can be an extremely powerful tool to connect you with your customers, build brand loyalty and boost online conversion rates.

But what if it's used incorrectly? Are there any pitfalls which can prevent us from making the most of the tool?

It can be easy to slip into bad practice and the effects of this can be detrimental... and let's face it, that's not good for anyone.

In this week's video, we run through some of the most common mistakes companies make when first implementing live web chat, and how you can make sure you steer clear of them. As the old saying goes: start as we mean to go on!

Avoid these 5 web chat mistakes!

1. Beware of coming off as intrusive
Web chat is designed to build relationships and assist customers, but you don’t want it to appear intrusive to your customer’s online journey. The last thing you want is for your customer to feel pressurised into making a decision and jumping ship to a competitor website. Remember web chat is about building trust and assisting their customer journey, not being forceful.
2. Not providing enough training
Your customer service agents might be fantastic at handling phone enquiries, but don’t make the mistake of switching them across to web chat without proper training. Remember, they are very different contact channels, so the agent’s approach needs to be different. Provide adequate training to ensure your team can handle all enquiries to the highest standard.
3. Relying on canned messages
As efficient and time saving as they are, it’s easy for canned messages to appear artificial and generic to customers. People are able to tell when they are chatting with a real person and when they are being fed some scripted phrases. Your best bet is to stick to genuine, human interaction while still incorporating canned responses when appropriate.
4. Beware customer data breaches
Talkative’s web chat solution is built with customer security in mind- but it’s always important to go through security with customers too. Require your customers to log in (if possible) before commencing the chat and make sure your agents verify the data collected by the chat system with customer records.
5. Don’t leave customers hanging
The whole point of web chat is that responses are immediate. In fact, 53% of customers will abandon their purchase if their query isn’t answered instantly. So, it’s important that you respond to web chat queries within the first 30 seconds. Otherwise, you’ll just frustrate your customers and there’s no point in using the technology in the first place.

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