Good For a Chat with Alice Howard-Vyse

Added on Jul 6, 2022 From Good For The Hood

What does it mean to move towards a regenerative future?

How can communities and individuals create a holistic economic narrative for themselves?

What is human-centred design?


Join Jo Taranto of Good for the Hood, as she chats with Alice Howard-Vyse, a designer, facilitator and coach for regeneration.

Alice is the Founder of Humanise This, a strategic design & innovation consultancy that supports sustainability leaders and their teams to address complex challenges, navigate uncertainty and lead the movement towards a regenerative future with the best of their humanity in tact.

Her integrative practice draws from Human-centred Design, Systems Thinking & Transformative Change. Through her work, she is dedicated to building the adaptive capacity of local communities and enabling initiatives that catalyse transition to a low-carbon future.

She is also co-convenor of Regen Sydney, a cross-sector coalition of individuals, community groups and organisations envisioning a more holistic economic narrative for Sydney through the application of Doughnut Economics.

Alice holds post-graduate qualifications in Sustainability and Electronic Media. She is a 2013 fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership & 2019 fellow of Schumacher College in the UK.

Join Jo and Alice for an in-depth discussion about regeneration, human-centred design, and how communities and individuals can transition to a regenerative future. There'll be time to ask you own burning question and a community of people just like you there for the ride!

This is Alice Howard-Vyse, and she is good for a chat.

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