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Added on Jul 5, 2022 From Click4Assistance

In this video, one of the UK's best live website chat service providers will demonstrate a website chat tool that is utilized within the walls of the web live chat software. Meeting Rooms allows a multiple number of participants to communicate with an advisor/agent in a group environment.

Ever asked 'How do I add a chat feature to my website? If you wish to add live chat to website you have come to the right place.

Click4Assistance UK: A series explaining how to put live chat on website and how to set up live chat on website. The videos will explain how to add online chat to your website.

Sometimes referred to as Online Chat or Web Chat, the solution is easily configurable to add new user profiles, pre defined replies and categorisation. This series explores proactive invitations, auto navigation and reports.

A different series will even discuss how to customise the buttons, chat windows and associated forms that are presented to the visitor on your website.

If you wish to add a chatbot to your website incorporating simple automation or complex AI, a further series of videos will explain how to go about integrating chatbot into website.

Click4Assistance is the leading provider the best chat software for business.

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